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הצגת מאמר לפי תגיות סטרטאפ


Successful high-tech company in Tel-Aviv is looking for the global Support Group Manager to lead the support activities in several international offices.




  • Oversee installation, configuration, and maintenance of operating systems software, etc
  • Manage and coordinate the global support engineering team and serve as a focal point for other departments within the company
  • Manage client expectations and achieve full client satisfaction
  • Responsible for meeting support SLAs and reporting on SLAs and support KPIs
  • Manage users and permissions in Active Directory, Google Apps, VPN, internal systems - files servers, Anti-Virus, Terminal Services etc
  • Analyze business technical service needs and proposing solutions
  • Purchase supplies (hardware, software, licensing etc)
  • Stay current with the ongoing expansion and development of the company - be aware of system information, changes and updates
  • Support organization growth 


Position Requirements: 

Want to join? If you have:


  • 4-5 years of related IT management experience
  • Experience with supporting large organizations
  • Experience with Windows environment, Active Directory services, Networking and cloud
  • Experience with Linux/Mac environments
  • Experience with global team management
  • Flexible work hours
  • Working knowledge of Google Apps platform (GSuite)
  • Working knowledge of computer hardware and physical device interfaces, experience with managing systems
  • Talent Management including recruiting, team building, mentoring and per-formance management
  • Team training and team management
  • Strong communication, presentation and documentation skills
  • Willingness to engage with business users and other technical teams globally
  • Excellent time management and prioritization of work tasks under pressure 
  • Ability to work effectively in a team structure
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills (English).


Location: Tel-Aviv

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