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Discover the Reality of Midlife Career. Evolution

Evolving Your Career with an Exciting New Approach

An Hour That Could Positively Transform Your Life*

Thursday, July 25, 12:00 PM GMT

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Why You Should Join the Webinar:

  • Midlife brings about significant changes, especially in one's career
  • You possess a wealth of qualities stemming from your experience but you can't name
  • The desire for more is natural, yet the path to developing opportunities remains elusive
  • It’s hard to admit but you don’t know what you like to do
  • The current approach doesn't work for you anymore
  • Diminished empathy and credibility become uncomfortable aspects you wish to avoid

Charting Your Midlife Career Success: Navigating the Path in 60 Minutes


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Udi Keshet

Founder - Gray Haired Club, Talent Junction 45
After a long and successful career in the high-tech world, things didn't turn out as clearly and orderly as expected. Through a personal journey with friends that spanned two years, it was discovered what's required in mid-life is to align actions with purpose, renew passion, and end each day with satisfaction and pride. While opportunities, compensation, and self-worth are important, they're only a part of the equation.

As a result, we developed a method that led to the establishment of the Gray-Hair Club, which serves as a hub for purpose-driven work and career solutions for successful individuals aged 45 and above. Through our extensive experience and a community of thousands of members, we've created Talent Junction 45, a professional network for experts and entrepreneurs in mid-life who are changing their lives and the world together.
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