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Is It Your Story, Too?

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Is It Your Story, Too?

Is that all life has to offer, is this it?

You recently entered your 50s, and it's not what you expected.

In the movies, it looks different. A senior position, a reputation, being known - a beautiful house, successful children, signs of success from talent and hard work evident in every aspect. Your parents are proud, and all that's left is to bask in the glow of achievements, making your high school and university friends envious.

The new electric car, the professional bike, weights, and a tight figure all maintain a youthful and self-confident look, defying the prefix of your age.

But deep inside, a perfect storm is brewing. Every success feels hollow, the taste of wormwood. Everything, literally everything, feels familiar and known, lacking the excitement you crave. Even flirting has become mechanical, and life feels repetitive.

Young "stars" challenge your leadership, claiming your time has passed. The management talks about organizational changes without consulting you, offering reassurances that may not be reliable. The truth? Leaving doesn't scare you, but there's a problem – you have no idea what you want to do next.

The big dilemma: consulting might leak your uncertainty. At home, you can't let them see the cracks in your foundation. Yet, there are still years ahead.

Is that all life has to offer?
Is this it?

The thing is, it happens to all of us.

Your career has reached the next chapter.

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