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How to spice up your midlife career with passion? Here is the recipe (part Ⅰ)

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How to spice up your midlife career with passion? Here is the recipe (part Ⅰ)

In midlife, you don't have to wait for a crisis to improve your career.

Generally, the mid-life period starts from the age of ±45 to the age of 65.

There are several indicators, signaling you that you are there, your career especially.

1. Your age - it's easy.

2. They tell you - Although everything is great at work, one day you find yourself out, with a nice present and party. The boss explained to you it is due to an organizational change ... you probably understand me ... No! you don't.

You're sure everything is going to be OK soon, but things have changed and you haven't noticed.

3. You feel strange - Everything is fine.

You are the boss, the owner, you have a fired-proof contract, your spouse loves you, the kids are great and even the dog likes you.

But inside, it is a mess.

You feel insecure and bored, have difficulties getting out of bed during Mon-Fri mornings, hate to drive to work, and pray for a change. No matter what.

There is one common question mark to all these people:

What do I really want to do now?

It is new and mysterious as we did not see our parents ask that.

"Find yourself a job" is fantastic advice but what kind of work do I want to do, for the next coming years, until retirement?

Who, exactly, is going to offer me such an amazing job?

Career advisors will tell you - "build your own business" - but it's scary because you lack a lot of skills.

"So, we will teach you how to get your dream job fast" - this will come from coaches who don't understand the New World Of Work.

Hey, We Have a problem!

Is there any new approach to finding my new path?

An approach that relies on what I currently have and achieved during my career until now?

An approach with meaningful work, fair reward, respect, passion, and satisfaction? for a long time, without fear of termination, till I say so?


We believe we have the answers to your wishes.

In fact, after years of working with midlife people, developing the methods that already supported many-many people to find their path and implemented it successfully, making them work in what they like, satisfied and happy, we are proud to present it to you.

When it is about choosing between survival and prosperity, it might be clever to listen to us.

In the next post, we will discuss why adjustments are required to benefit your career path.

Good luck to all of us.


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