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Mid-life career. Not what you thought

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Mid-life career. Not what you thought


How does a social network disrupt the careers of mid-life professionals?

If you look at LinkedIn pages randomly, you will see a picture of an enthusiastic young person with an enthusiastic look in the eyes, who wants a job or opportunity.

No pictures of people like you, a mid-life pro ...

It is customary here for you to be the same type, from the very first day until the very last.  There are no other types, such as you.

You dislike it, even despise it.

You wish to meet people like you, who are not probably so bothered by their current job but have doubts about the uncertain future - How can you reach worthy opportunities, earn with dignity, how will your doing matter, and whether others will continue to respect you?

Sometimes, you do not even know what you want to do next. Probably not what you do now ... but when it comes to searching, you will look for the same you currently do ... because you don't know how to rephrase it.

Instead, you have to read the HR experts, who are irrelevant to most processes you're interested in; or coachers and mentors, who wish to lead you but have never done it.

So let's gather everyone, the professionals in midlife.

 Let's ask anyone who offers such solutions:

Is it for all or specifically for those in midlife?

It is never a good idea to trust people who sell the same solution to everyone!


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