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Why change while everything is changing around you?

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Change sucks.
Let’s face it,
We hate changes.
Especially if you're in your midlife.

Life is challenging enough.
In a world where reality changes frequently,
there are always unforeseen situations that arise,
change is not the cure to make you feel better.

When you are in midlife, change means 
moving forward to the past;
when everything was clear, good and bad
right vs wrong ... you knew the rules
and everybody thought you're smart with a brilliant future.

Let's clarify your real goal:
You want to feel again on solid ground.

So, instead of thinking about something "NEW" to do, unfamiliar,
understanding the change provided by reality is more efficient.

In order to "renew" yourself, you have to work at things that you have experience and rewards for.

Then you can be part of it - adjusting the "offer" you propose to fit your capabilities and your personality and "selling" the "solution".

Do not fall into a trap that you are unaware of.
Taking advantage of your abilities and experience in today's changing environment will bring you the award you deserve.

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